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Finished the In…

May 14, 2012

Finished the Intro and got into chapter 1 today… Zizek uses the intro to lay out his thesis and to describe how he divided the book up ad why, and discusses some of the ideas that structure his thinking.  He is looking at dialectical materialism through the lens of Hegelian ontology and Lacanian theory.  He also talks about the work of Kant,  Fichte, and Schopenhauer and how their work augments Hegelian thinking about what reality is and what it means to be a person in this world.  In order to understand this it is important to see things in terms of dialecticalism (i.e.; the interplay between two polarities, that of agency vs. structure for instance, or between subject and object.)  Although these concepts can be difficult to grasp at first, especially if one has not studied these things before, Zizek does a pretty good job of explaining what he means, and giving examples.  He goes off on tangents quite a bit, but these side bars are usually point worthy…one just has to go with the flow, and give it a chance, and eventually he comes around to his point.  At any rate I am happy that I have my laptop handy to look things up as Zizek is well read, multi-lingual, and highly intelligent.  Many of his explanations utilize specialized vocabulary which requires some research.  Wikipedia is a life savor.  I will also likely post quotes from time to time, and use them to focus my entries.  As of now I am still getting into chapter 1 and will post up again once I digest some of this.  Some of this is very difficult to fathom.  


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